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Charles Stephen Arnest Live at on 2003-08-05

Topics Live concert

1. Stop the cukoo clock
2. Untitled 3
3. Hollywood
4. Grey skies
5. Sweet-faced brat
6. Fortune teller is dead
7. As the world burns
8. Kings & Queens
9. Shots fired
10. Girl in the picture
11. Bottom of the cup
12. Welcome to my home
13. Villians
14. Three Days
15. No ambition
16. 130 Shades of yellow

Collection CharlesStephenArnest
Band/Artist Charles Stephen Arnest
Location Gibraltar, Woodhaven and Grosse Ile, MI.

Source CD
Taped by Charles Stephen Arnest
Transferred by Brendan N. Bush


Reviewer: Tara Leash - - April 1, 2011
Subject: Charles Stephen Arnest No Talent
I have listened to alot of music on the net and i got an e-mail from Charles Arnest asking me to review his music.The e-mail sounded like a very disturbed person wrote it and the ego of this wierdo was something else but I thought I would listen anyhow.The funny thing is this Arnest character has no talent whatsoever yet poses as a record producer slash Rock Star.On many of the songs the gfuitar is out of tune and when the vocals can be understood it is so off key.Arenest should be embarrassed but then again in this day and age No Talent has no clue and should therefore just crawl back under the rock the came out from under, Sorry Charlie but you are really bad but keep dreaming and living your meglomanic life thinking you have something to offer musically,You really stink and are a creep to boot,Tara Leash
Reviewer: Jessica K. - - June 14, 2006
Subject: Blushes
My shy hero ! gets all the stars - see you tomorrow :)
Reviewer: mike "the eliminator" perkan - - June 2, 2006
Subject: music
A fairly decent cd recorded somewhere locally
Reviewer: heather6 - - April 19, 2006
Subject: shots fired
download "shot's fired" it appears to be all you'll need off this cd. Couldn't find anything else as good as it - rest is just ok
Reviewer: Carrie S. - - April 4, 2006
Subject: a mood trip of sounds
an initially light electric pop style album that seems to hold a rock steady beat throughout. a quantum bounce between songs at occasions but tends to flow together pretty well. All strings and keyboards; some drums sounds may have added but overall a fairly strong effort. It has it's similaraties to the velvet underground and kid englos , I was gonna give it a three and a half but since that isn't an option I'll give it the benefit of the doubt
Reviewer: Curtis Henniway - - March 25, 2006
Subject: where in the F.
a lot different than the rock band he was in, was trying to find some of those songs but some of this material turned out to be pretty good - there were some other songs as well - should stick to rock n' roll though - said it was recorded around here, where?
Reviewer: Jeff K. - - March 16, 2006
Subject: decent disc
downloaded 6 songs - kinda different, kind of crazy, seemed pretty good
Reviewer: Dan Everfiell - - February 7, 2006
Subject: some cool stuff
for anyone who likes that old classic atmospherical music this is a pretty good cd - good recording - valiant effort
Reviewer: amy lillian - - February 1, 2006
Subject: A fantastic find on the archive
This record is a fantastic mix of light electric rock and acoustic blend with some fantastic instrumentals and a unique blend of song arrangements. It starts off a little on the strange side and picks up momentum throughout the album. Although to me, the songs that stick out are: "Shot's Fired","Kings and Queens", "130 shades of yellow", and "The Fortune Teller is dead", you can tell that the entire album is focused around a theme and every song is there for a reason. There are some really crazy sounds on the record that I can't tell if they're sampled or made by some sort of horn or keyboard - a great collection of tunes - especially for free - I have the archive to thank on this one and since nobody wrote a review, I'm glad to be the first. I tried to search the net to see if they play out or have any other material but I have found nothing. I have written emails with no response. If you read this, please respond - I would like to play a show together. We have a similar unique style and I would like to cover one of your songs but I'm not sure of the chords. I think it is an unusual tuning. If anyone has some time to kill I recommend dowloading this cd: Out of Focus
It is of the highest quality and I don't believe it is live, I don't hear people and it's recorded to perfection - I give it a good review and one of the best finds on the archive - has an old nastalgec feeling - like morissey or dylan
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